The College has a well furnished library and reading room. The college has a balanced collection of books on subjects of prescribed study, current topics, research and other topics. A wide range of reference books, magazines, journals and daily newspapers are available for the students.

Science Lab:
The College has a separate psychology lab which has all the tests and the required equipments for conducting psychology experiments included in the B.Ed syllabus

Computer Lab:
The College has audio equipment, a Projector, DVD player and television and other equipments which are often used in the teaching-learning process. The college also maintains a good collection of instructional and material such as models, globe, maps, mathematical instruments, charts and other teaching aids.

Other Facilities ::

Multipurpose Hall

» Seminar Room

» Art and craft Resource Centre

» Health and Physical Education Resource Centre

» Store Room

» Canteen

» Multipurpose Playfield